About us


The distance we go for our customers isn’t only measured in kilometres.

Since 2007, O. V. Lahtinen (OVL) has been a reliable container supplier and trusted solutions provider for logistics companies and individuals who need to move goods in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and China. We offer new and pre-owned containers, rental options, and our popular One-Way, One-Fee leasing service that connects Europe and Asia and saves logistics operators and importers/exporters both time and money.

We offer the most competitive leasing options on the One Belt – One Road (OBOR) between Asia and Europe. Our One-Way, One-Fee service provides access to new and distant markets and eliminates having to pay to transport empty containers. We’ve actually made it our mission to see that no container travels empty because of the positive implications it can have for our industry and the planet.

OVL is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and we have satellite offices in Klaipėda and Shanghai. Our container depots are located in Europe, America and Asia and we have over 2,000 units in our leasing fleet, the majority of which consists of 40’ HC dry containers that are less than two years old. We trade approximately 4,000 units annually, primarily in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, and Asia. Our leasing fleet is continually updated and you can view container availability here.

Our dedicated team has extensive container experience and the tactical ability to deal with any logistical challenges you may encounter. In fact, challenges are where OVL shines. We built our reputation on our rapid response times, agility, and our commitment to our customers. Our container solutions experts are available 24/7 to assist and we even help with paperwork. We always remember that if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

From effectively managing everyday container procurement needs to quickly resolving the unexpected challenges that logistics companies face nearly every day, OVL won’t rest until the job is done.

We speak English, Chinese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Lithuanian and INCOterms.