One-way, one-fee

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Our customers who need containers in remote locations couldn’t agree more.

We’ve made it our mission to see that no container travels empty. It’s better for your budget and the planet.

All container companies say they will go the distance for you. We go to places most container companies haven’t even heard of.

Whether you own your own fleet or rely on transportation companies, our One-Way, One-Fee service will save you time and money, minimise logistics risks, and allow you to access distant markets. Best of all, you won’t have to pay to transport empty containers.

Buy or lease units in over 20 countries

With container depots located in Europe, Russia and China, we’ve got Eurasia and the One-Belt, One-Road (OBOR) covered. Use our interactive map below to see our available containers.

Conveniently pick up your container where you need it and then drop it off at the destination of your choice. We’ll handle the rest.