20′ DD (Double Door)

Ext. dimensions (L/W/H)

6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm

Int. dimensions (L/W/H)

5898 x 2350 x 2350 mm

Tare weight

2350 kg


28000 kg

Cubic capacity

33 M³

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20' container with double doors at both ends with a lock box. Plywood floor. Suitable for cargo and warehouse use.

Container terminology

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The following abbreviations and definitions describe the different types of intermodal shipping containers

OS = Open Side: ideal for loading longer and wider items

OT = Open Top: enables the loading and transport of oversized items

DC = Dry Cargo: the most common type of container for typical cargo loads

HC = High Cube: a taller container with 30 cm more height than a standard DC container

PW = Pallet Wide: a wider container with 9 cm more width than a standard DC container

RC = Reefer Container: a refrigerated container suitable for temperature-sensitive items

Flat = Flat Rack: collapsible sides for transporting heavier, wider, oversized goods

Bulk = Bulk Container: ideal for bulk-loading and transporting fine-grained substances

DD = Double Door: a container with double doors on both ends

C = Curtain

FSA = Full Side Access